Hello Sheep-Lovers!

WordPress would really like me to write a first entry, so I will.

As I began writing, my first thought was that I needed to make this site definitive and marketing-oriented.  That I need to make sure I sound like I know exactly what I’m doing.  But the truth is more that I know enough about sheep to keep them alive, to fill their needs for good grass, good hay, grain treats, minerals.  To check them for parasites, to manage their wool, to shelter them.  But I know that there is more to learn.  I’ve done kidding with goats, but this will be my first lambing.  I’m prepared to be surprised by the sheep at any time.

The other secret is that I can’t really pretend that I know exactly what I’m going to do with the wool.  I won’t shear until March, though I’ll crutch the ewes to remove wool that could interfere with birth, lambing or nursing.   I have decided that selling fleeces is too small a market, that selling yarn is a bigger but still-too-small market, and that making yarn and knitting it will probably never pay a worthwhile rate.  So I’m thinking felt.  I’m thinking of cleaning the wool, having it carded into batts, and making into felt fabric.  Which leaves me thinking about what to make the felt into.  But what I make depends on how the felt comes out…which depends on what I want to make.  I think I want it to be nice, practical clothing that doesn’t look like a Home Ec project.   I’ll try not to worry about this until March.  I have lambing to worry about in the meantime.

One thought on “Hello Sheep-Lovers!

  1. Hi!!!
    I am so proud of you! Seeing all these pictures and reading about your farm makes me so happy and feel so inspired!! I need to write you an email soon to catch up!!
    Sending much love!

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