Sheep-sitting and pickle purchases

Katie is away in Boston on a trip for Fat Toad Farm, so today I went up to check on our wooly friends in their new digs. Last week Katie was able to corral the sheep in the shed and move them up to a neighbor’s barn, where they’ll be spending the winter and spring. I was impressed with how much more calm they are. Katie has done such a good job of wooing those girls! They weren’t afraid of me being on the other side of the gate from them, and only shied away when I climbed over to check on their water. Shirley even came within a hairsbreadth of eating grain straight out of my hand! They certainly aren’t pet sheep, but they’ve come a long way. On top of Katie’s good work and patience with them, I think they find their new home settling. They are in an enclosed space, so they have less to be worried about, but despite it being closed, it is bright and airy, and they have old, calm sheep-neighbors on the other side of the fence. I’m really proud of Katie, and happy to see these girls doing so well.

In other news, I’d like to announce that pickles are available for your holiday purchases! I’ve been sampling the different varieties, and all have developed excellent flavor. I’m also really happy that the dilly beans this year are especially crisp. Due to my current schedule, I would be able to arrange pickle-selling meet-ups in the greater Burlington area most weekday evenings, and in the Randolph, Northfield, and Montpelier areas just off the interstate on some weekday mornings and weekend days. Please contact me and we’ll arrange something. You can view the whole array on the Pickles pages of this website. All pints are $8 and all quarts are $12. Pickles make great gifts, and pint jars fit in most stockings!

— Jaska