Hurry up and Wait

I keep delaying writing a post because I’m hoping to write one about some new little lambs just born.   For reasons known only to my sheep, however, no lambs have been forthcoming and I feel that I must fill the silence with some commentary.

Despite the lack of lambs, Priscilla, Jake and I faithfully discharge our sheep checking duties every few hours.  At midnight, 6:30 am, 9am, noon, 5pm, 9pm, we check the flock, looking at rear ends for signs of lambing.   At this point, Dot’s little boy is well started and has little need for our assistance.  Like his mother, he is wary of humans and is not snuggly or friendly at all.  His ears still flop like a newborns, though – a very charming trait!   If I were to name him, I would probably call him Gurgle, because a gurgle is the sound his mother uses to address him.  Any time he disappears from her view, she utters a deep, guttural gurgle sound.

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This image does not capture the intensely competitive nature of feeding these two

In the shed, Agnes and her brother Ralphie II are growing at an astounding clip.  Agnes is getting more frisky and less friendly, and certainly cannot be convinced to sit on a lap as she did as a newborn.  Ralphie’s large ear has deflated.  The conclusion is that he will loose the tip of his left ear to frostbite which probably happened at birth.   I’m hoping to get these two started nibbling hay shortly, though initial forays into feeding them some alfalfa pellets were unsuccessful.    The expensive pellets were authoritatively spurned in favor of sweet, warm milk.  No competition.

In a few weeks, it will be time to shear the sheep and decide what to do with their wool.  My research has led me to the conclusion that I can quite easily spend

Milk or Bust!
Milk or Bust!

a small fortune making their wool into yarn or felt if I so desire.  I think we’ll wait to see if we’re accepted as vendors at any farmer’s markets so I can decide if I should work on developing felt products or just whip up some soft, luscious yarn.

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