Ear Tags and other news

Yesterday was the day the lambs got their first jewelry! By that I mean that after lunch, Katie, our friend Andrew and I went down to the barn with the ear tagger. Andrew caught most the lambs, Katie tagged their ears, and I kept track of names and tag numbers, and handed over the next set of tags. Now the girls and the one intact boy have pink “Sheep and Pickle Farm” tags, and the boys destined for the dinner table have white tags, just to keep track of them.


Agnes is looking on as Katie and Andrew tag the others.
Agnes is looking on as Katie and Andrew tag the others.







The adult sheep have really benefited from this winter of being in a barn in close contact with humans; they are now much less jumpy, and their lambs are pretty friendly. Even with Katie and Andrew both in with the sheep, there wasn’t much running around to escape from being grabbed.

Ear tagging march 13 008







Katie got the tags in all their ears just right, because there seemed to be no pain. Agnes, the bottle lamb, was the first to get tagged, and afterwards she just hung out next to us for quite a while, wanting to be petted. No trauma there!

Ear tagging march 13 011
Agnes, clearly not perturbed.







In other news, we were accepted as substitute vendors at the Norwich farmers market for the summer and winter. This means that we’ll have somewhere to sell mutton, yarn, and well-aged pickles  off and on this summer, and come winter we hope to have a spot from time to time to sell lamb, wool products, and pickles made this coming summer. We’re in business!

Last, but certainly not least, we are now happy truck owners! We just purchased this beauty last week.  We are both in love with it. Soon, we’ll get a cap for it, too, so we can move sheep around!

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