Road Trip!

Packing list for trip:

  • Clothes for two days
  • Toothbrush
  • Boots and Shoes
  • Snacks and Music
  • Hay
  • Shavings
  • Contractor’s plastic
  • Newspaper
  • Grain

Notice anything funny about the last five?  Yeah, I thought so…

Remember my post a long time ago about rams, namely, the lack of dating options for my sheep in the vicinity of VT?  Well, my trip to Pennsylvania with my mother to buy a ram lamb and a ewe is this weekend and I have a lot to get in order.  It will be a whirlwind adventure, as we’ll be leaving from New Hampshire early Sunday morning, staying near Gettysburg overnight, loading up two lambs on Monday morning and booking it back.  Whew!

Does anyone have any favorite well-known musicians from Pennsylvania?  I think that musicians will be my ram name theme and I have Doc Watson already.

In other news, I wormed Peggy and Shirley with injectable Ivermectin.  As I had mentioned in my last post, Shirley was looking thin and dull.  I also hit Peggy because she is a heavy milker and was looking thin and pale-lidded as well.  I got a few bruises after being thrown against the wall of the barn in my efforts to grab the sheep, but I am proud to report that I successfully apprehended and sat my sheep on their rumps by myself for the first time outside of the confines of a lambing jug.   I know it is a skill I should have developed before I bought some sheep, but we get there when we get there.

Grazing away
Grazing away

My mother called to say that she didn’t have the yarn I gave her for a day before she had knit the backside of a baby sweater and that she expected to finish before our trip to Pennsylvania.  Mom is unstoppable.

UPDATE 7/3: Definitely unstoppable.  Here’s the sweater:

Driscoll's sweater
The finished product


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  1. Curious which farm you are going to in PA? Our ram comes from PA stock. Moms. Unstoppable Moms. I hope to be one someday.

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