A Bit of Color

I had a moment of clarity this weekend at the Quechee Highland Games.

My mother had a booth for her kiltmaking business, and my father brought his loom and was demonstrating small-scale weaving.  Jaska was selling pickles and wool at the Norwich Farmer’s Market.  We had decided that Jaska would take the last few skeins of the natural gray wool in case someone wanted enough for a garment, and I would take only white yarn to Quechee.

I wound up with a display containing two accidental skeins of gray, my gray scarf and a beautiful gray shawl my mother knit.  The rest of the yarn for sale was white.  This might not sound like the setup for a grand experiment, but it was.  The first woman who purchased yarn went straight for the gray, buying both skeins.  Another woman wanted gray roving, which I did not have on hand.  Two more people bought a few skeins of white, but several expressed desire to buy the gray.  I suggested that the white could easily be dyed any color, but no one seemed interested.  People picked up the knitted samples, agreed that it was soft, but just seemed utterly uninspired by the white yarn.

New Photo of the White Yarn

And so, dear readers, I am wondering if I should consider dyeing the white yarn.  Putting colorants all over my very expensive yarn in hopes of producing something attractive is a very intimidating proposal, like when my mother dyed my wedding dress pink and hoped that it wouldn’t turn out “Pepto” pink.  It didn’t, and I shall hope that my yarn won’t, either.

What colors would you be most interested in knitting with?  Is white interesting to you, and would adding patterns and packaging improve the appeal?  If I were to dye it, would you like brights, earth tones, neons?  I’ve been to a few yarn shops for inspiration and I’m still open to ideas!

Do you think these turning fall leaves will inspire folks to start buying yarn?
Do you think these turning fall leaves will inspire folks to start buying yarn?


2 thoughts on “A Bit of Color

  1. Katie, I absolutely love the white yarn. Jaska showed it to me the last time I visited. It is a beautiful creamy white. I would love a sweater made from it. But people can be weird about white. I run in to the same difficulty with white flowers. I guess I would not dye all the white yarn but as far as colors…hmm…that is a huge guessing game. You know me, I would adore the perfect lime green or perfect lemon yellow but others might like earth tones or pink or blue or…Hey, I know! Ask the yarn!

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