My Favorite Blog

I like to connect to other shepherds – I like to see what they’re doing, how they solve problems, what they produce and how they market it.  I find myself inspired by their creativity and learning from their errors.

My favorite blog may be one of the least directly relatable to my own experience, though.  Air an Lot originates in Northernmost Scotland on the Isle of Lewis.  The blogger is a crofter whose sheep graze on common land and whose management practices, resources and struggles are all very different from my own.  The village has a town sheep pen, for example!  The market for sheep in Scotland, the lack of predators but the wider range of sheep disease – all of this is very interesting to me and entertaining, too!  This blog has interesting wildlife anecdotes and beautiful photography of stone fences.  The posts are to-the-point and the writer does not shy away from ugly topics in sheepraising.  Check it out!

A nifty photo of one of the sheep on a peat pile!