Some Fabulous Photos of Winter

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photo 1
Milking the goats is a pre-dawn activity now: Here’s a view of dawn through the parlor door.



photo 2
Sunshine by the Sheep Barn


photo 3
Frost on the Fence


photo 4
Funny Story: I’m battling freezing temperatures to keep the sheep’s water accessible. I overturned their bucket, and the bottom formed a bowl with unfrozen water already in it! So I let them drink that today.


Sheep and Pickle Farm sheep
Sheep don’t hibernate, but if they did, they’d hang out in the barn like mine are right now.



Sheep and Pickle Farm Vermont Aran
Grammie is making a handsome scarf for one of my cousins with the Natural Gray. If you’re interested in Natural Gray let me know- I’m making a waiting list for next year’s yarn.
photo 6
The woods are pretty, too!
Sheep and Pickle Farm Natural Colored wool, sheep
The Frozen Barnyarn, all peaceful.

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