Fleece Navidad!



Getting Agnes to hold still for one second for this photo was pretty rough.  It took a couple of handfuls of grain just to get her to accept the hat!  All of the pictures are somewhat blurry, as sheep don’t just hold still.  And if you’ve noticed that Agnes figures prominently in my flock photography, it’s because she’s the one who approaches me every time and does the cutest things. 

First we had a foot of snow last weekend, and now we’re having a melt-freeze cycle that has resulted in some really sporty road conditions. I’m trying to balance getting to my Christmas visitation obligations with my not-getting-stranded-somewhere obligations!  Outside is UG-LY so we’re just enjoying our woodstove and Christmas tree. 

Once the holidays are over, I’ll be working on some big projects for Sheep and Pickle- official incorporation as a business (farm income was in hobby-territory in 2013), a marketing plan, a yarn label design and more meat production and sales are all in order for 2014.