Naughty Agnes

I should have known that taking Agnes, my friendly bottle-raised ewe, on walks from time to time might instill bad habits…

I had finished breaking the ice out of the sheeps’ water and refilling it.  I cleaned the waste hay from their feeder – they needed more hay from the loft, so I left the barn and paddock to walk around to the entrance to the loft.  Agnes followed me out to the paddock, looked at me intently, and then followed me by climbing up a steep snowbank and a rock wall.


Bad Agnes!

She examined the hay that helps insulate Jake and Priscilla’s house:


Not good for eating, she said…

…so we stood in the sunshine and I scratched her on the head.  All I had to do to send her home was to disappear into the barnImage

I know that petting Agnes won’t really convince her to not escape at will.  I suppose it only follows that her mother was an escape artist, so she is one as well, though an entirely different sort.  If all else fails, I’ll just take away the snowbank!