A Little Sojourn

It’s hard to believe that at this time last year, I was preparing to lamb for the first time.  This year, with three months until lambing, I had some time to go out to Cleveland, OH to see my sister.

My flights to and from Cleveland were each delayed for TWO WHOLE DAYS and the flight out involved driving and then flying through a blizzard.  I was able to spend the same amount of time visiting.  My sister and I played games, drank cheap wine and watched All Creatures Great And Small.  This was likely my last visit to Cleveland, as my sister will complete her doctoral program soon and move back to DC.  Going to the grocery store in Cleveland is a great way to feel both despondent and elated with the standard American food system – I saw entire aisles devoted to faux-juice (the mostly-applejuice and corn syrup with artificial flavors and dyes kind) and little glimmers of intriguing healthy, local fare, primarily Amish.  Cleveland has a local tofu maker and a local hummus maker, and the hummus was great!

Cat reading about Cheese
Even my sister’s cat is super-smart.
Butterfly in Cleveland Botanical Garden
The best place in Cleveland is the Botanical Garden, which is full of tropical birds, plants and butterflies!

Jaska looked after the sheep.  They’re just eating hay and waiting for spring, as best I can suppose.  Here’s a video of Agnes, trying to leave the enclosure and failing.  It’s ironic that she’s just as much of an escape-artist as her mother, but not because she fears me but because she wants to follow me!   There’s not much else to say about the sheep, except that they’re not nearly so conspicuously pregnant as the goats are.  The goats are giant barges already.

In this bleak Midwinter, Mom has been hard at work designing attractive patterns that could be used with Sheep and Pickle Farm Vermont Aran yarn.  My mother has been knitting for about fifty years and has owned a yarn shop and taught knitting.  Check out this lovely new cowl pattern she designed:  The Basketweave Cowl , available for purchase on Ravelry.com

Sheep and Pickle Farm Patterns