…..Aaaand we’re back!

I’ve been off the blog for a few weeks but I’m back.  Here’s the culprit:

Tiny Goats!

These guys, about 90 of them, all born at Fat Toad Farm where I have my “real job.”  We’ve had at least five births a day for a week, which has meant lots of delicate little goats needing lots of care.

The first thing we help with is the birthing process.  Our does are valuable and we want to make sure that the birth goes smoothly so we tend to err on the side of supervision.   It has been quite cold out, so we also help dry the kids using towels.   Then, mothers and babies go in pens  to bond for a day or two.

Bama and kids

In the pens, we assist the kids with nursing.   Because our goats are dairy goats, most of them have lower udders and bigger teats than kids’ instincts are prepared for.    It takes most kids a day or so to catch on, and we spend some time making sure everyone is all set to nurse on their own.

Penned up and ready to leave

We don’t keep all of the kids.  The boys pictured above are heading off to be raised as part of the Vermont Goat Collaborative.  The girls that we’re not keeping are going mainly to a young woman looking to start a goat dairy of her own, which pleases me to no end.

Some kids needed a little extra care- this one was cold, so I warmed her:

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