My Day With My New Mom – written by “The Lamb”


This is my first time blogging, but I’m only a few days old, so who can blame me!  I’m going to tell you about my day with a weird lady that we’ll call “Mom,” even though I’m pretty sure she’s not *really* my mom at all…

I started out my second day in the people-barn “house” place doing something I had never done before.  I baa-ed!  It was the first time I’d felt energetic enough to baa, so I started at 6am and then I kept on baa-ing because it just felt right.  “Mom” came down around 6:30 and fed me.  It seemed like she might have wanted her coffee first, but I appreciated the bottle.  Then, we cuddled for a while.  I took a little nap, then I resumed baaing.  I like to baa.

Bottle lamb at Sheep and Pickle Farm
This is the box where I live, in the people-barn!

After a while, we went to what Mom calls “work.”  Work mainly involves sitting in a box in Mom’s truck.  Boring!  I baaed a lot in the truck, but once and a while someone came by to pet me or hold me.  While I was baaing, I talked to several of the goats that Mom works with.  Their baa is kind of different from mine, so they were hard to understand, but they asked why I didn’t live in animal-barn, and I told them that the people-barn is warmer and that carpets are nice.  I think I made them jealous.

After “work” was over, we went down to the sheep-barn where I met with a big sheep who kind of looked like me.  Mom reintroduced us, but the sheep told me to bugger off in no uncertain terms, so Mom said she was “finalizing the adoption.”  I hope this means I get to live in the people-barn forever!  

We went to our barn, where we watched a few murder-mysteries.  I didn’t really understand them, and I’m probably too young for murder mysteries anyhow, but it was fun in any case.  I sat on Mom’s lap for a nice long time.  Soon, it was time for bed, so Mom fed me some milk, and I started baaing.  A lot.  I like baaing.

Bottle lamb at Sheep and Pickle Farm
My mom, whom I suspect isn’t *really* my mom, but whatever.