This wild tale transpired a few nights ago, but I’m just now sitting down at a computer.

At 7pm, just after milking the goats, I headed down to the main flock of sheep.  A thunderstorm brewed in the distance, emitting occasional rumbles.  I thought I could just check the sheep’s water and then quickly return to the car.  I was expecting a phone call and didn’t want to be interrupted by baaing.

As I headed over the hill, the baas I expected to hear sounded distant.  Too distant.  I increased my pace.  The sheep’s enclosure was over the crest of a small rise, and as the enclosure came into view, I could see that the flock was spread out in the field beyond.  I could also see a mother and lamb baaing…

Closer, and it was clear that the lamb was caught in the fence, the mother trying to console it.  Dot and Kestrel.  I didn’t run- no need to alarm them further, but I hasty-walked right up to the lamb.  I didn’t even think about the fence being on, but I picked up the lamb by her hind legs and extricated her head swiftly from the throbbing fence.  Then I held her and petted her for a minute.  The storm grumbled nearer.  Her heartrate gradually slowed.

Sheep and Pickle Farm Vermont Sheep Adventures
The Aftermath- the little lamb was all tangled up in this stretch. My best guess is that mother and daughter found themselves on opposite sides of the fence and panicked.

Releasing her to the custody of her mother, I surveyed the situation.  She had really made a mess of the fence.   There was no way I could untangle the fence disaster without leaving myself exposed on a hilltop in the thunderstorm!  Plan B would be to run back to the house, get grain, and lure the sheep all the way back to the barn.  Here I should emphasize that the sheeps’ paddock was pretty far away from the barn on the far side of a steepish dip.

Back to the barn I jogged.  I set up the area to receive the sheep, and back down the swale and up the hill I went with a good-sized bucket of grain.  The sheep gathered to me rapidly, and I stood for a moment to make sure no lambs would be left behind.  Then we sprinted down the swale and back up to the barn through the tall grass.  Agnes stepped on my heels most of the way.  Only Agnes is pushy enough to do that.

Soon, the whole group was in and accounted for.  No one was harmed, and the rain had only just begun.

Sheep and Pickle Farm Vermont Sheep Adventures.
Everyone is back within bounds. Apologies for the blurriness – that’s what you get when your heart is still pounding.


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