Announcing – 2014 Yarn!

I got the call from Hampton Fiber Mill last Thursday- the yarn is spun and dry!

It came out AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL.  I’m just going to come right out and say it.  It’s as soft as ever.  The new brown color from Esther is really attractive and very soft.  Even Michael, who sees and touches wool all day, was impressed with this special color.

Sheep and Pickle Vermont Aran Natural Colored Wool Yarn
This photo shows the relative coloration the best.

Without Dot’s wool, the gray from Peggy is a softer, more pearlescent shade.  Her yarn is just as soft as before.  Buyers of last year’s yarn should note that the shades won’t match – call it a different “dyelot” if you must!

photo (3)

The white is a little creamier this year, but just as soft and bouncy as ever.  There’s plenty of it, so plan out that elaborate Aran sweater because this yarn is just the thing for it!

photo 1 (20)

Finally, the really special addition to my yarn offerings is the new Vermont Baby Soft Aran.  Earl and Martha’s 19 micron fleeces made yarn so soft it doesn’t feel like wool.  This yarn is perfect for next-to-the-skin garments and for anything that needs to be baby-soft.  It is a soft off-white color.

photo 4


Overall, I’m extremely pleased with the yarn.  I just wish I had more of each of the natural colors, because I worry about being left with a pile of white yarn again!

More broadly, I’m glad that this yarn has such great quality.  Buyers can feel the health of the sheep reflected in the beauty of the yarn, and my careful breeding has resulted in a consistently soft yet durable product that will hold up better than generic Merino.

Thanks, Girls!

Finewool Crossbred Sheep