You Could Grow Your Own…

…Fiber and lamb, of course!

Near the end of the book The Ox-Cart Man, the protagonist sells his beloved ox, whom he had been training all year.  He kisses him on the nose before they part.


I’m not going to have much room to expand my flock this year, so I’m going to be offering at least three beautiful ewe lambs for sale and a distantly-related ram, too.   Unless they sell earlier, this crew is coming with me to the Vermont Sheep and Wool Festival!


Earl Scruggs x Shirley, Twin

Sheep and Pickle Farm Breedstock

A bottle lamb, Meadowlark lagged in size for a few months but now that she resides with the main flock, it’s clear that she’s as big as she ought to be!   Straight-backed and correct in her conformation, Meadowlark weighs about 60 lbs.   Her wool has a clear, bold Corriedale crimp and is quite soft, as all Earl daughters are.   Meadowlark wants to be your new best friend and favorite pet as she is incredibly friendly.  She will reliably follow humans with grain to the ends of the earth.  Meadowlark could be bred for May or June lambs or held back until 2015.




Earl Scruggs x Esther (Lyndon x Peggy), Single

photo 2 (11)

This was the hardest decision.  Timberdoodle is tall, long, straight-backed, and has the COOLEST MARKINGS.  I’ve never seen a near-badger face on a non-CVM breed fine-wool animal.   Timberdoodle’s wool is a clear, rich brown with white patches with a fine but somewhat disorganized crimp (because the color is so matte, the wool is tough to evaluate).  She promises to outstrip her mother in size and possibly in quality.  Nevertheless, because I plan to keep Esther for years to come, I am willing to part with Timberdoodle this time around.    Timberdoodle will attain breeding size early this fall, if desired.




Earl Scruggs x Peggy, Twin

photo 3 (9)

Aunt to Timberdoodle, Veery has the finest wool of this trio and has reached a tremendous size.  Her long locks are more lustrous than the rest of the flock and are sure to have handspinners drooling.  I am passing on Veery only because I’m keeping her sister, and because Peggy is so well-represented in my flock as the best mother sheep I have!  Veery will easily breed this fall.  Very plump, she’ll be a great provider of meat lambs in a terminal-cross situation.   I can’t emphasize enough how sad I am to part with this awesome sheep, but I simply can’t keep her.



Merle Watson

Doc Watson (Lyndon x Dot) x Martha (unrelated ewe from PA)  Single

With his perfect Corriedale head and soft, cozy wool, Merle is a promising ram I plan to use on a couple of ewes this fall.  Though he was a single, his mother was a triplet and comes from a long line of multiple-birthing animals.  Merle’s wool, like all of the others, is soft and bouncy with a perfectly defined crimp that will make a yarn with plenty of luxurious softness yet good recall so it will not be “floppy” or “squishy”.    His conformation is very strong, with a correct feet, shoulders, back, legs and rump.  Merle is available via rental or purchase:

Rent: $100/month

Purchase: $300


If you are interested in purchasing any of these wonderful sheep, please visit the Contact Us page for details