Packing up the Wagon

Sheep and Pickle Farm Flock

Only a week to go until the Vermont Sheep and Wool Festival, and I’m both stressed and excited as final preparations are under way:

  • I’ve made my final decision about taking the flock down to six ewes.  I’ll be keeping Peggy, Agnes, Valentine and Esther, and the lambs who will stay will be Dot’s daughter Kestrel and Timberdoodle, the crazy-colored ewe lamb from Esther.  This lineup is Peggy-heavy, but I’m finding that my natural-colored wool sells the best, and her daughters are the ones who generate it!  Sadly, I’ll be losing Bonnie’s genetics entirely.  I’m still unsure if I should be striving for genetic diversity or excellence, so I guess I’ve split the difference.
  • I’ve called the vet about health papers so that Bobolink, Veery and Meadowlark can come to the festival.  They are eager to meet you (and to let you feed them some treats!).  They will be for sale, as well – $250 each or $650 for all three.
  • I’ve sold much of my natural-colored yarn already,  so I’ll have a lot of white yarn available at the festival.  Here’s hoping people are having visions of white this fall!  The white yarn is very dye-able and the creaminess flatters a lot of skin tones, so I’m not worried.
  • I cannot wait until people get their hands on the BabySoft Aran from Earl and Martha.   I think that it will compare favorably with other Vermont-grown yarns in terms of softness.
  • I’ll be bringing my homemade batts for handspinners – I still need to put the finishing touches on the labeling, though!  Yikes!
  • Finally, my mother has put the finishing touches on several amazing patterns for Sheep and Pickle Vermont Aran that I’ll put up on soon and on Ravelry.


Vermont Foliage

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