Hard Choices

Big changes are afoot at Sheep and Pickle Farm.

I’m moving out of the old farmhouse.  It was a complicated and difficult decision, but ultimately I just can’t afford to live their alone. I can’t cover the cost of heating it and I can’t keep it up without help.   I wasn’t able to find roommates, and   The opportunity cost of staying in Brookfield starts to look really expensive, so it became easy to entertain the idea of moving in with Matt, especially considering we were already planning to move in together in the spring.

So I’m leaving my farm, leaving Brookfield, and leaving my sheep behind, too.  I’m going to pay Jake and Priscilla to look after the four adult ewes I’m keeping for the winter, while a new ram I’m trading for Earl Scruggs will go and live at a coworker’s barn with the two ewe lambs.  My coworker’s sons will care for them for pocket money.  I intend to visit my sheep weekly and to keep in close contact with their caretakers.   In the Spring, Matt and I will find a place to live near his job and presumably near my job where I can grow the herd to an economical size (25 ewes) and increase the scale of the operation.

Unfortunately, I have not had any breeders looking at my ewe lambs, so they will likely go for meat, as will the bottle lambs from this spring who never really thrived and four of the adult ewes.

I promise, despite everything, that the blog and the farm will go on.


One thought on “Hard Choices

  1. Keep the faith, Katie. Sounds like you are being creative, realistic and optimistic all at once. Spring will bring all kinds of new and wonderful things…and keep sharing your adventures anyway!

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