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I’ve been away from the farm for a month now, working at Matt’s company and enjoying city life in a cozy little apartment.  While convenient and delicious Vietnamese food and lots of time together is a blast, I do have to admit that I really miss the sheep and the country a lot.

I’m actively and busily searching for potential lease situations that can accommodate the sheep, but so far, so dismal.  I was turned down by one farm near our current apartment by a guy who’d rather just raise his own animals.  Another landowner wants $600/month for horse stalls.

I also saw a nearly perfect rental with lots of great land…but they aren’t willing to host someone selling animals for meat.  Better to know right off the bat that we wouldn’t see eye-to-eye, I suppose.

Anyway, here’s what I said I’m looking for:

  • Want to enjoy pastoral life without having to do the work?
  • Want to reclaim an overgrown field?
  • Want your lawn mowed for free?
  • Want free fertilizer for the garden?

My partner and I are looking for a unique situation in or near Chittenden County. We are looking for an apartment where we can live, and a nearby shed or barn where our 7 ewes, ram and their lambs can live. I’m hoping to find 15-25 acres of nearby land to graze.

I have 4 years experience managing a large herd of goats and three years with my sheep (two profitable!). Both of us have stable, regular outside employment.

We do take animals to the butcher shop, so please be advised. Meat represents 80% of the revenue from the flock, so we can’t negotiate this.

If you think you might be able to offer or recommend a situation, please get in touch!

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