A Lamb

Last Tuesday, I received an unexpected call from Priscilla.  “Martha had a little ewe lamb,” she said, “And we’re looking for another one.”

Unfortunately, I was very ill with the flu.  Matt and I got to experience that together.  Priscilla assured me that the lamb was nursing, and that she’d check again in a few hours.

A second lamb never materialized, but this little ewe is cute enough to make up for it.

photo 1 (1)photo 2photo 1

Her sire is Earl, so her wool should be supremely fine.  She’s very large and tall: hopefully she’ll grow well.  Right now, her mother’s thick wool obscures how much milk she’s making.  Shearing tomorrow should clear that up!

Priscilla wants to name her Bonnie, so welcome to the flock, Bonnie II !

photo 3 (1)