The Stirring Conclusion

I am still waiting for more lambs.  All’s quiet on the ewe-front.  The girls at Jake and Priscilla’s are waddling around looking ready to pop, but no signs yet of actual lambing.

Meanwhile, I have some big announcements about the flock.  Matt and I have found a little cottage in Williston, on the property of the Catamount Outdoor Family Center.  Jim and Lucy, the owners of the center, have invited the sheep to graze on the property.  The sheep will also be grazing at the Farm at South Village around a solar installation there.  I am really excited by the prospect of having my sheep more accessible to the public for educational purposes, and being able to access markets in a large municipality!

Those of you who see me regularly may have heard about a grazing opportunity at an apple orchard.  As awesome as that would have been, I met with the owner of some dogs who live on the property, and there seemed to be potential for conflict.  The dogs’ owner was very honest about his dogs’ propensity to bark at other animals, and the risk presented if they were to escape from their pen.  All parties congenially agreed that the match just wouldn’t work.   The South Burlington Underwood Property Ad-Hoc Committee also declined to consider having my sheep graze a piece of property slated to become a park.  That process left me unimpressed with committee decision-making and newly aware of how removed some people are from farming and livestock.  At the same time, I enjoyed wonderful support and advocacy from members of the committee who really wanted to see South Burlington continue to have an agricultural feel.

We move on April 1st, which could potentially also be a lambing day.  We’ll see how it all goes!

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