The Yarn is Here!

As the title suggests, the yarn is here!  With the significant influence of Earl Scruggs (the ram) from Ruppert’s Corriedales in Pennsylvania, my yarn is softer than ever.  Because I sold a significant amount of fleece raw to handspinners, my yarn run is significantly smaller than in previous years.  If you want some, you should act soon!

Sheep and Pickle Vermont AranSheep and Pickle Vermont Aran Sheep and Pickle Vermont Aran Sheep and Pickle Vermont Aran

I’ve talked about my surgery in a post or two – I’ll note that it was successful, and I”m at home recovering right now.  It turned out that my condition was more serious than initially thought, so it is good that I chose to deal with it at this time.  I owe a giant, huge “thank you” to my coworkers Barb and Jackie, who have been moving the sheep during the time when I am not permitted to lift anything remotely heavy.   The sheep are totally happy, and I’m really grateful!  Matt has been caring for me in every other respect