Come to Open Farm Week, Buy Some Yarn!

Even though I work full-time, I’ll be participating in Open Farm Week this year!  Across Vermont, people are invited to visit farms and tour unseen corners of our food system.

I, personally, intend to drag unsuspecting visitors out into the field to meet my very friendly sheep.  I’ve had a hard time keeping all of their chins sufficiently scritched simultaneously, so it will be good to have extra hands to distract my cuddliest sheep (notably, Agnes, Cinder, Meadowlark and Bobolink).

Friendly sheep at sheep and pickle farm vermont pasture sheep
Pet us! Please!

I will also have my gorgeous yarn available.  In order to purchase a home for the sheep and hay as well, I need to move this yarn by early fall!  Don’t forget that it’s available on Etsy, too.

Sheep and Pickle Vermont Aran