The Miracle of Mowing

Remember the tractor I talked about a little while ago?

Well, I am finally feeling really, really good.  I now can walk without a limp and I have a full days’ worth of energy to use again.  Unfortunately, I am also catching up on a couple of months of work backlog.  The rams need to be separated from the ewes before naughtiness commences in a few weeks.  I need to purchase a garage-in-a-box like this one:

I am hoping that the sharp, arched top will shed snow more effectively than the round or low-peaked ones I’ve seen.  I don’t want to have to wake up in the middle of the night to rake snow like we used to do at Fat Toad Farm.

The other thing I recently achieved was hopping on the tractor I mentioned two posts ago.  I remembered everything about the tricky start and hydraulics practices driving the tractor, and I bush-hogged the entire large field that my sheep use!  I’m so pleased!  It took about three hours with the 35 HP tractor and the 60 inch mowing deck.  The whole field was filled with seedheads and overgrowth, so this will be a big help to the sheep.  The sheep are in the pasture near the donkeys and the Bed and Breakfast right now.

John Deere 650 in action
Mowing in a clockwise direction, index finger in weird position.
sheep and pickle farm rotational grazing.
The whole crew, out mowing in their own way.
misty sheep grazing sheep and pickle farm pastured lamb and yarn
Can you tell it has been humid here?