Open Farm Week is Underway, so WCAX came!

Last Monday, while Mom was here helping me to process wool,  I got a surprise email:

Channel 3 News here. I hope all is well. Quite a cute picture on your “contact us” page.
We were looking for a farm to feature as part of a story on open farm week. We were wondering if you all would mind is stopping by this afternoon. I saw that you all were welcoming guests today, and I know you all do terrific work.

I called back, and they were still available to visit!  We talked for a while about the goals of the farm and did a little demonstration of the process of turning raw wool into drum-carded batts and handspun yarn.

Here’s the Video:

Overall, Open Farm Week was really fun.   My farm was fairly quiet, but then again my full-time job restricted my open hours and may have limited the visitors we saw.  Matt was kind enough to host some visitors yesterday while I was spending some time with a very dear college pal (more on that shortly).

In any case, I want to mention that you are welcome to give me a call to schedule a visit at any time, Open Farm Week or not!  The sheep are really friendly and happy to meet people!