I Dyed Some Yarn, and I Love it!

I had a customer request for some blue yarn for a little girl who wanted a blue sweater.  I pulled out the random dyes from my multicolor dyeing project of 2013.  I remembered not being as impressed with the colors I made as I thought I’d be.  They all came out muddier than I would have preferred.

I knew the little girl wanted something close to cobalt blue.  None of my dyes would quite make that, but I mixed a Wedgewood Blue with a pale Sky blue and just hoped for the best.  Not really how you are supposed to approach dyeing yarn.

Remarkably, my casual approach paid off.  The yarn looked awesome.  So while the pots were still boiling, I figured I’d dye a few more colors. I used the exhaust of the first blue to make some more, and then I pooled a too-dull orange with a too-bright red to made a really pleasing red-orange.

So it’s safe to say I have a new plan for my excess white yarn next fall – satisfying, creative small-dyelots.

If you want some special yarn and have a color in mind, I’ll take orders for custom colors.  Just understand that I can’t promise precision coloring!