Grade Cormo Fleeces

The fleeces of my grade Cormo sheep are my pride and joy.  I often check their progress when Bobolink and Meadowlark approach me for a little ear rub or chin rub.

My flock started as Montadale x Corriedale crosses, but are now 50%-75% Cormo.  I liked the Corriedale crimp combined with Montadale springiness, but I wanted finer, softer wool.  I used a Cormo ram for 2013 lambs, then a Corriedale x Cormo ram for 2014 and 2015, and then another grade Cormo for 2015 and 2016.   It is my hope that this mixed-breed fleece will allow spinners to create yarns with next-to-skin softness, but some loft and wear improvements from the Corriedale and Montadale input.

Since 2014, I have sold raw fleece by the pound, primarily on Ravelry on the Farm Fiber Marketplace.  For 2017, I would like to offer raw fiber for reservation here.   Please contact me if you are interested in reserving fiber from any of these sheep, or if you would like a sample of the fleece to examine.  I skirt very heavily – handspinners get the very best wool, seconds go to yarn and batts, which is why I only offer about half of the weight of the anticipated fleece for sale.  I am very careful about VM, not allowing my ewes into pastures where they may be exposed, and coating in the winter.

For Reservation, 2017:



Peggy  My oldest ewe.  Breed composition is unclear, but probably 50% Corriedale.  She’s at least 8 years old now but still kicking.  Her silver-brown fleece spins out silver with hints of gentle brown.  Her fleece has a large, open crimp and a silky softness.  She tested at 28 microns in 2013, but her fleece never feels harsh.  She is also very consistent nose to tail other than a little coarseness on the britch.  Her fleece has been purchased by the same person for two years running.  Her 2016 fleece may be her last, as she is getting older, but we’ll see how she does raising her lambs this coming spring.  $15/lb, 4 lbs available.


Valentine Beautiful Valentine.  Valentine is the 2013 twin daughter of Shirley and Lyndon, making her 50% Cormo/ 50% probably-Montadale.  Her fleece has a lovely, even, organized crimp and square ends.  Her fleece tested at 24.5 microns in 2013.  She typically has a 3.5 inch average staple with consistent fleece throughout.   Valentine’s fleece is a very pure white.  Even though Valentine is shy, she’s an outstanding mother and dam to several promising ram lambs that I haven’t been able to use due to their close relationship to the rest of the flock.   This fleece went quickly last year and was greatly admired.   $20/lb, 4 lbs available.



Bobolink  25% Cormo, 25% Corriedale, 50% “Peggy.”  Gorgeous Bobolink, almost a clone of her mother Peggy, and often a challenge to distinguish from her!  Bobolink has a brown fleece that is transitioning to gray.  It has natural silver highlights throughout, as though it has been blended with 3% white fleece!   It’s really, really striking.   Born in 2014 and sired by Earl Scruggs, Bobolink has her mother’s solid size and her sire’s perfect, consistent fleece.  You won’t be disappointed with this fleece.   She has a long staple, at least 4 inches and longer in some areas.  Her tips tend to be a little more worn but don’t break.   $22/lb, 4 lbs available


Meadowlark  25% Cormo, 25% Corriedale, 50% Montadale.  Shirley’s last daughter from 2014, Meadowlark was raised, in part, by me when her mother’s milk dried up and failed.  She has the sweetest, friendliest disposition and insists on petting whenever humans are present.  Her fleece is long, with a classic Corriedale staple.  She’s tall and long, so there’s plenty of it, too.    Her staple length approaches four inches, and her fleece is pure white.   Very compatible with Valentine if you have a really big project in mind.  $22/lb 4 lbs available

Phoebe  48% Cormo, 3% BFL, 50% “Peggy.” Phoebe was born in 2016 to Cinder and Peggy.  Her wool has a bold, lustrous crimp.  She is a little britchy, but that can be skirted out for you or used for a more rough-and-tumble spinning project.  As a lamb, her fleece is the purest black I’ve ever had born here.  This fleece is bound to be something special.    $25/lb, 3 lbs available.

Chickadee  61% Cormo, 13% Corriedale, 25% Montadale.  Chickadee was born in 2016 to Cinder and Peggy.  This will be the softest of my white fleeces, and probably the finest fleece on the farm.  The challenge with lambs is keeping them clean, but so far Chickadee has been very dainty and tidy.  Clear, organized crimp, some luster, shows some Corrie but with Cormo softness.    $25/lb, 3 lbs available.