Lamb and Mutton


Every fall, we have lamb and mutton for sale!

Our sheep graze rotationally on prime pasture with minimal grain supplementation.  Their meat has the best flavor pasture can offer without ever being tough.  Many buyers have rated our lamb as the best they’ve ever had.  

You can also rest easy knowing that sheep from my farm are treated with love and respect from the moment of birth right to the end.  We use only humane slaughter facilities with excellent reputations.

We offer lamb by the whole and half carcass for $9/lb.  Our lambs usually dress out between 40 and 45 lbs.  A 20-22 lb half-lamb will fit in a standard home freezer.  The charge is for the hanging half.  The final weight of the meat depends on how you have it cut.

Lamb is also available by-the-pound for $11/lb.  The price difference takes into account the loss of weight during cutting and processing.

We also offer mutton from time to time.  Mutton is available for $5 lb by the hanging half-carcass.  Carcass weights vary tremendously, so let us know how much you are looking for.

If you are interested, please Contact Us!