Sheep and Pickle Mock Cable Sock

Designed by Judith Sullivan, my mother, using her own handspun from my sheeps’ wool:

Made with Sheep and Pickle Farm Wool

Sock pattern- Mock cable

Materials: 100 G lightweight handspun or fingering weight yarn 400 yds

Size 3 DP needles

Gauge: 7 st and 9 rows per inch on #3 needles, or size to give gauge

Co 54 st, and work K1, P1 rib for 18 rows. Change to pattern as follows:

Row 1-5: (K1, P1, K1) repeat around row.

Row 6: (sl 1 as if to P, K into front of next st, purl into back of same st, K1, insert left needle into slipped st ,pull slipped st over the 3 last st and off over the end of the needle, K1, P1, K1) repeat around row.

Row 7-11 (K1, P1, K1) around row.

Row 12: (K1, P1, K1, sl 1 as if to purl, K into front of next st, P into back of same st, K1, insert left needle into slipped st, pull slipped st over the last 3 st and off over the end of the needle) repeat around row.

Work pattern for a total of 53 rows, ending with row 5.

Heel extension: K first 13 st of next round, turn, sl1, P across 13 st, and 13 more from next needle. (these are actually the first 13 st of the round, and the last 13 put together on one needle) Leave other st on another needle while you do the heel extension. Working only these 26 st, make heel extension as follows:

Row 1: sl 1 as if to P, K 1 across row

Row 2, sl 1 as if to P, P across row.

Work until there are 13 slip loops at each edge of heel extension (26 rows), ending with a P row. Next row: K 14, SSK, k 1, turn, sl 1, p 3 P 2 tog, P 1 turn, sl1, k 4, SSK, K1, turn. Continue to K or P one more st after each turn, making sure that you are knitting and purling together the two stitches across the “gap” at the end of each short row, until all st have been knitted up. You should have 18 st left. Rearrange st so that you have the first 9 st of heel on one needle, and the other 9 on a second needle. This is the bottom of the foot, and the end of the round.

Instep: Using needle with 9 st on it, (this should be where your yarn is-if not, K across heel st) pick up and K 13 st on side of heel extension , then work pattern across 28 st of instep. Pick up 13 more st down the other side of the heel extension, then K across 9 st on last needle. Work 1 row even, keeping pattern on instep, and knitting all other stitches. Decrease 1 st at end of first needle, and 1 st at the beginning of 3rd needle. Work even for a total of 54 rows for foot, counting from the side of the heel extension, or desired length for foot minus 2” for toe decreases. needle every other row until you have 13 st on first and 3rd needles, and 28 st on instep

Decrease for toe: First row: K 13 st of first needle, SSK, K across second needle to last 2 st, K 2 tog, K 13 st of last needle. Now work in ST ST for toe.

K 1 row.

Decrease row: K to last 3 st on needle, K2 tog, K1. Next needle: K1, SSK, K across to last 3 st, K2 tog, K1.

Third needle: K1, SSK, K across.

Repeat these last 2 rows until a total of 20 st remain. Kitchener St toe. Turn inside out, wet sock thoroughly, then squeeze out excess water. Block on a sock blocking form for best results.

11 thoughts on “Sheep and Pickle Mock Cable Sock

  1. Almost finished with first sock. I changed length so it is more a boot sock. Some minor problems once I got to heel extension with not enough stitches. That’s okay though, the sock is knitting up small so I am making them for my youngest. Thanks for the pattern!

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